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Beads and Human Fibroblasts are spun in a bioreactor, creating PURcell and PURx, the building blocks of PUR's product catalog.

PUR Biologics uses proprietary technology to simulate an embryonic environment where newborn cells revert back to a multipotent stem cell state, developing stem cell markers and embryonic-like proteins, which are characteristic of young rapidly developing tissue.


Harvesting the products of these cells and then removing the cells themselves, results in our cell conditioned media and extracellular matrices.


Cell Conditioned Media


This unique liquid formula, produced within the simulated embryonic environment, contains the soluble biologicals secreted while developing the insoluble ECM. These are naturally infused into the liquid media in a stabilized form. It is a naturally stabilized formulation, offering unique oppurtunities within the musculoskeletal, spine and orthopedic markets.


Insoluble Human Extracellular Matrix


PURx is a unique all-human insoluble ECM formed through PUR's platform technology. PURx is very similar to early embryonic structural tissue which provides the framework necessary for cell ingrowth and tissue development. By producing similar ECM materials to those that aided in the original embryonic tissue formation, regerative cells are supported both in vitro and as therapeutics in vivo.

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TECHNOLOGY that drives innovation