to create innovative biologic solutions

PUR BIOLOGICS is a medical device company, uniquely focused on the development of devices and regenerative biologic solutions for musculoskeletal applications, including orthopedic, spine, dental, and medical devices.


We use only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes for all our products, delivering cutting-edge biologic solutions to medical care facilities all over the world.



PUR's human multipotent cell conditioned media (CCM) and extracellular matrix (ECM) materials are targeted for use in the orthopedic areas of bone, cartilage, osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc, and ligament regeneration, as well as optimized coatings for medical devices. A soluble composition obtained from stem cells, but without the controversy or risks typically associated with them, may have the ability to maintain the viability of your body’s own cells. The insoluble ECM, made up of a variety of collagens and other matrix proteins, holds promise as an excellent chondroconductive material, making the perfect environment to regenerate cartilage.



PUR Biologics will build upon current sales of a complete biologic portfolio of specialized allograft sponges, DBM Fiber XP, unique bio-synthetic, collagen mineral, bio-glass and stem cell processing products; to bring orthopedic and neurosurgical products based on the propriety CCM and ECM through all stages of development and into commercialization.


 “Regenerative technologies are paramount in advancing the current state or orthopedics and neurosurgery,” said Dr. Chad Prusmack Chief of Neurosurgery at Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic and consultant to the Denver Broncos. “The use of naturally-secreted human growth factors and matrix proteins, known to stimulate and support stem cell growth in the body, can prove to be transformational in the regeneration of multiple musculoskeletal and neuronal tissues .These unique preparations may be the universal 'transducer' needed for optimizing directed stem cell differentiation and healthy proliferation."


Chad Prusmack, MD
Chief of Neurosurgery Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic
Denver Broncos Consultant

“While there is a lot of excitement and promise around stem cell-derived treatments in orthopedics, therapies utilizing embryonic stem cells or genetically-manipulated induced pluripotent stem cells carry inherent ethical and potential safety concerns for patients,” said Dr. Burak Ozgur, Chief of Neurosurgery Spine Service at Hoag Hospital.“Products that could capture the benefits of stem cell treatments without these concerns, such as the multipotent cell materials being developed by PUR, hold tremendous potential as the future of orthopedics.”


Burak Ozgur, MD
Chief of Neurosurgery Spine Service Hoag Hospital
One Brain & Spine Center, Newport Beach, CA

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